About Us


Hi, my name is Hannes Jordaan, and I am an online entrepreneur living in South Africa. I'm passionate to help others become successful online. I've been forever looking for a platform that I believe in that will help anyone to make money online. I looked hard and critical at RevShares, Stokvels, GH/PH programs, Affiliate Marketing, Online Shops, Forex, Binary Options, Selling online, and a host of other different ventures and opportunities. I found what I was looking for, but it still was not "perfect". But with a couple of changes and a bit of ingenuity, I believe I've created what many people just like me was looking for.

People like me who struggled for years, who got others involved in programs that seemed initially to be what we were looking for just to find a month or two down the road it failed or slowed down to where your time and effort was not rewarded anymore. Even worse, programs where you got friends and family involved in and now you had to look them in the eye and explain things beyond your control. I'm only interested in developing systems where everyone could take responsibility for their own lives and create a future that the system allows them to have. You yourself decide your destiny in this program. You yourself decide how much you want to earn. You yourself are in control here to grow your friendships, grow your assets and be the person you want to be through the skills and the teams you build.

You don't need to look for the next shiny thing on the horizon, you don't need to go find new people for the next program that is going to fail you around the next corner. Crypto-Builder is here to change lives, it is here to change your future and the future of countless others. I believe the Crypto-Builder family will be world changers, we are not here to just survive, we are here to change the fabric of what is possible, we are here to make a difference. Take up the creed of Crypto-Builder "Let's reach financial wealth together" and we are going to make it happen.

This is an easy system that anyone regardless of experience, background or financial means can do to thrive. Don't let your dreams go to your grave! Live it up, do it today, make someone smile, GIVE YOUR BEST TODAY!

To your best future
Hannes Jordaan