How It Works


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Crypto-builder is a simple but powerful Matrix program.

Matrix 1 (Tortoise) and Matrix 2 (Ambitious) has been activated.

Every member can have only two referrals on their Level 1 but can have as many positions as they want without having to open more than one account.

The program has 6 levels - it is a 2x6 Team Forced Matrix.

You donate the USD value of $20/$100 in Bitcoin. Donations are calculated once you cycle a level. You receive, in your wallet, BTC (bitcoin) according to the market value at the time of cycling.

There are no monthly subscriptions.

On this page, you can see the earning table at the top and you will probably understand how it works immediately after you take a closer look at it.

To be qualified to receive withdrawals, members must have at least 1 matrix position active, and at least 1 direct referral joined with his/her link, no matter where you are in the matrix. 

Follow this explanation to understand the Donation Process

Level 1, you refer 2 friends and don't receive anything because the $40 (BTC) you receive in donations is used to buy you a Level 2 position.

Level 2, you refer 4 friends and once all of them donate $40 (BTC) each, you will have a total of $160 (BTC) of which the first $80 (BTC) is used to buy a Level 3 position and $20 (BTC) for a new Level 1 position. You get paid $20 and again $40 when those funds come in. Funds get dispersed first to upgrade you to the next Level, then to buy a new current level, and then the rest is paid out.

Level 3, you refer 8 friends and each will donate $80 (BTC) for a total of $640 (BTC). So if you expect donations from your Level 3, go check if you have members on level 6 who made their Level 1 donations to Level 5, and Level 5 who made their level 2 donations to level 3, before you wonder where your donations are.

Once again, the first donations coming in accumulates to move you to Level 4, which is $260 (BTC); the next donations are used to create 4 new positions for $80 (BTC). Once Level 3 is complete, you will have accumulated $300 (BTC).

Crypto-Builder is easy to follow by understanding these examples.


Moving Beyond Level 3 (Victoria Leal)

In order for you to receive Level 3 donations, those 8 positions on your Level 3 will need to be upgraded to Level 3.

Here is what needs to happen in order for you to receive Level 3 donations, be moved to Level 4, and receive your Level 3 donations. Although your situation may differ, this is just a basic illustration.

Those positions on Level 3, in your matrix, will be upgraded to Level 3 with donations received from your Levels 5 and 6.

Step 1 - According to the illustration

The first position on Level 5, which is currently at level 1, needs one more position under it (your Level 6) to be moved to Level 2. When that move to Level 2 happens, a $40 (BTC) donation is made to the 1st qualified position, 2 levels up from that position, which is the 1st position on Level 3, as shown in the illustration. 

The second position on Level 5, currently at a level 1 also needs one more position under it to be upgraded to Level 2. When that upgrade is made, a second $40 (BTC) donation is made to the 1st position, two levels up, which is the first position on Level 3.

These first 2 $40 (BTC) donations to the 1st position on Level 3 in the matrix, will allow that position to be moved to Level 3, for $80, and the position at the very TOP of this matrix will receive that $80 (BTC) because it is 3 levels UP. This is the first Level 3 donation received by the member at the TOP of this matrix.

You can follow this logic for the last 2 positions on Level 5, in this block of positions.

Step 2 - New Positions Created

Now that the main position at the TOP of this matrix has received the first $80 (BTC), 4 new positions are created for that position. This position now has a balance of $0.

Please Note: While I am only showing one block of positions on Level 3, there are 7 more Level 3 positions with blocks of positions on Levels 5 and 6 under them. Therefore, if you understand what needs to happen with this first block (illustrated below) then you can go to your entire Level 3 and assess what needs to happen. Start by looking at the positions on Level 5, under each Level 3 block to see what is needed below them on their Level 1 (Your Level 6).

Step 3 - Upgrading to Level 4

The next $260 (BTC) received from the Level 3 position at the very TOP of this matrix will be applied to move that position to Level 4.

This will come from the next four $80 (BTC) donations, received from 4 more positions on the 3rd level of this matrix, using the same example as in Step 1. The position at the TOP of this matrix will have received an additional $320 (BTC) in donations. Of that amount, $260 (BTC) will be used to move you to the TOP position in Level 4 with $60 (BTC) remaining. The last 3 Level 3 donations of $80 (BTC) each, for a total of $240 (BTC) will be added to the remaining balance of $60 for a total withdrawal of $300. I hope this helps :-)

Helpful Tips:

To view your Position matrix from your Dashboard, scroll down to your Position ID, then click on the blue ID number and this will open your matrix. You will have to manually scroll through your matrix to see the full picture.

The remaining open positions can be filled with new positions that you manually donate or by new referrals. If you are creating more positions, donate one or two at first to see where they fall in your matrix, then you can create more, if you choose to do so. Remember, ALL created positions will go under the matrix of your first original position.

By knowing exactly what to look for, and where, you can plan a strategy that will benefit you and your Team.


Here at The Crypto-Builder, our mission is really simple - to empower you with a truly life-changing opportunity to create generational wealth for you and your family, which we accomplish by deliberate and calculated steps, that are designed to achieve significant financial donations.



Please view the following video if you have any questions regarding Crypto-Builder.